Educational PhilosopHy

     I believe that creativity is inherent to the human experience, and, therefore, all people have creative capability.   Sadly, for many people, that capability has been buried under life’s disappointments, expectations of others, and demands on the self.   This has caused a death of creativity and innovation, manifested in conformity and adherence to the status quo.   Re-teaching the truth of this creative capability and un-teaching the lie of conformity-equals-excellence is an important and difficult task of artist-teachers.   Prevention is always more effective than any cure.   As an artist-educator, I gladly take on the task of instilling the joy of freedom that creativity brings.  If I am successful as an artist-teacher, more confident innovators will be brought up in society.   A confident innovator is a bringer of change, whether in the art world, or the larger global world. 

            How can an artist-teacher help students to regain their creativity?  I think the key is to bring them to a point of introspection.  When the student is able to look at his or her work and the processes he or she is using to get to the final product, and truly understand his or her own motivations as they are, the inherent ability for creativity will be obvious.   This obviousness-of-creativity will intrigue the student-artist and cause a further exploration of themselves as a creator.    This cycle of self-observation and creativity-seeking is the ideal situation I seek as an artist-teacher.