Art is an inclusive form of communication.  Words have power.  Life is good. These are the three concepts that drive my art.     I use my work to share the idea that life, on the whole, is good.  I convey this idea using bright colors, lovely images and words within my work that I believe will further the concept.  I create mixed media 2D pieces on paper using layers of various wet and dry materials on an assortment of papers.  In my work, I am pulled toward bright intense colors using watercolor paints and low-viscosity acrylic paints and the linear aspect of drawing and text, this manifests through inked filigree and handwritten text.   I incorporate poems that I have written specifically for the piece, simple phrases, single words, or complete conversations I have overheard and found amusing.

            I created a portrait of a lion using watercolor, pencil, sumi ink, white charcoal and pencil titled “Poem”.   After painting the Lion in bright watercolors, for the top layer, I composed a poem about the personality of the Holy Spirit and the way in which I see Him relating to the personality of a Lion.   Some lines of my poem include “Force of Nature, Power of Truth”  and “Lovely life of New Freedom”.  In another piece,  “Lines”, I used sumi ink with a quill pen, over blocks of bright watercolors laid out in a grid, to handwrite several lines of a poem of encouragement.  Some of the lines include: “Love this Day, Keep Your Spirit Different” and “Happy Day, Go Out and Enjoy the Sunshine, Stay in and Enjoy Yourself”.   In a third piece, “Whispering Hope”,  I painted a simple portrait of a Snowy Owl on vintage sheet music of the song “Whispering Hope”.    I consider sheet music another layer of medium that adds to the piece, being drawn to the literal and metaphorical lyrical-ness of it.   I create these pieces with the intent to bless the viewer in their home. I hope that the combination of the lovely images, bright colors and flowing text brings joy and peace, even if the viewer does not read the text.

            Currently, I am exploring the personality of various printed and vintage papers.  I am interested in the manner in which each paper takes the paint differently and in what ways the printed areas affect the rest of the compostition.   This work involves collaging, painting silhouettes, figures, and animals, and the continual use of text and flowing lines. I want to continue to integrate my own writing in my work, through poetry and story along with intense colors.   I also enjoy the juxtapositioin of putting wet and dry mediums and various papers together that may be unexpected and investigate the effects.  I feel that letting go of the preciousness of the paper, or the layers of painting, speaks to my purpose for creating the work.   A piece created with seemingly clashing substances that is finished and beautiful declares hope.    Let go of what you think you need to have, and see what comes.  All is Well.



Kit Sunderland is a Chicago-area based artist.   She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in painting from Northern Illinois University and her Master of Fine Arts degree in studio arts from Azusa Pacific University.

Sunderland has enjoyed teaching private and group art lessons for all ages out of her own studio since 1996. Her teaching philosophy can be expressed in the belief that everyone has their creative side, and everyone has the desire to communicate. Sunderland believes that being creative, solving problems, inventing processes stimulates the satisfied side of your brain while raising the self-esteem and giving the artist hope for the challenges of life. 

She, also, has a constant desire to communicate, and to create. Sunderland’s chosen method of communication is a visual artistic expression.  She has been enjoying living a life of artistic expression and exhibiting her work since 1996 at various juried exhibitions, public galleries, and private collections throughout the country. Using wet and dry medium, Sunderland creates two-dimensional works, which focus on the idea of the duality of life.  She enjoys pairing seemingly opposite materials, ideas, and styles together. For example, some of her works show pieces in which she has overlaid intuitive, quick painting on top of precise, methodical drawings.   When these opposing aspects are brought together, the viewer sees two sides of the same coin.