Kit Sunderland is a Chicago-area based artist.   She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in painting from Northern Illinois University and her Master of Fine Arts degree in studio arts from Azusa Pacific University.

She, also, has a constant desire to communicate, and to create. Sunderland’s chosen method of communication is a visual artistic expression.  She has been enjoying living a life of artistic expression and exhibiting her work since 1996 at various juried exhibitions, public galleries, and private collections throughout the country. Using wet and dry medium, Sunderland creates mixed media works, which focus on the idea of the duality of life.  She enjoys pairing seemingly opposite materials, ideas, and styles together. For example, some of her works show pieces in which she has overlaid intuitive, quick painting on top of precise, methodical drawings.   Her art is a visual depiction of chasing the balance in life between strength and flexibility, hardness and softness,, warmth and coolness.